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TRVLR is a modern hotel booking platform that fully automates commission payments for agencies and hotels. We solve three big problems plaguing hospitality today.

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We completely eliminate agency commission loss, estimated to be around 20% of sales.


We reduce commission settlement times from 90 days to just seven days.

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We replace the traditional payment process with a modern, streamlined, 
highly-efficient platform.

Our Team

Nicolas Peluffo
CEO / Co-founder

An experienced entrepreneur with a 23-year track record in hospitality, technology and private equity. Nic has started, grown and turned around companies up to $500M in enterprise value. Nic believes in constant innovation, values-driven culture and relentless execution—three characteristics he applied to every business he started or participated in. Following closely behind family, friends and surfing—he’s passionate about reducing friction, increasing revenue and creating new opportunities for continued sustainable growth.

Phillip Harnsberger
CTO / Co-founder

Prior to founding TRVLR, Phillip Harnsberger was a longstanding member of the Alexa AI Information Team, where he built and managed the data pipelines powering minute-level financial quotes for 23 global financial exchanges. Analytical roles in venture capital and quantitative trading proved to be adequate precursors. He also built a bespoke meteorological data visualization app and spent three foundational years with a big data startup that was acquired by Amazon in 2017. The chief architect behind the innovative payment platform known as TRVLR—he takes pride in watching this first-of-its-kind product come alive.

Anna Micci
Chief Commercial Officer

Anna Micci is a luxury hotelier and hospitality expert with a palpable passion for travel. Following graduate work in hospitality management and hotel branding, she worked for The Ritz-Carlton and The Peninsula—where she led Travel Industry Sales + Marketing International Hotel teams for more than 20 years. Professional accolades aside, Anna is a citizen of the world who has lived on five continents and is fluent in multiple languages. As Chief Commercial Officer at TRVLR she opens real and metaphorical doors within the hotel industry by connecting travel professionals, buyers and suppliers to the ultimate payment platform.

Bruno Selva
Advisor, Product

Bruno Selva most recently led the AI product portfolio for Automation Anywhere, and brings with him a decade of product experience working with financial institutions as customers to automate processes, make their business more efficient and unleash the value of data. Bruno believes in building the one thing that matters, distractions be damned. He spent

the decade prior launching and scaling products in multiple startups—including Sysmarine—which he founded, nurtured and sold. He calls Carnegie Mellon his alma mater, where he earned a Masters in

Software Management.

Daniel Avrilla
Advisor, UI/UX

Daniel is focused on deeply understanding customer and business needs, and creating and managing a suite of products that solve real-world problems. He has more than two decades of experience helping startups grow and manage products at global companies. At TRVLR he’s typically connecting dots, designing steps that feel intuitive and creating flow. His prior accolades sprang naturally from his course of study, namely a Bachelor's in Advertising and a Master's degree in user experience (UX) design.

John Stix
Advisor, Culture

John Stix is a leader who loves people and cares about their business goals, their dreams, and their lives. He created the Discover Your WHO framework out of a realization that his fullest potential is realized when he’s helping others discover their who. At TRVLR, he helps our C-suite clients close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. This helps establish unanimous agreement throughout an organization—top to bottom, inside and out. John is co-founder of Fibernetics; a 20-year old telecom company, and the first he transformed using the DYW tenets.



TRVLR charges 1% on top of the payment processing fee (in addition to forex and cross-border payment fees, when applicable). Our fees are projected to decrease over time, and these savings will transfer to our customers.


In the case of a legitimate cancellation, early departure or other material change, TRVLR will charge back appropriate amounts from both the hotel and travel agency, and return the money to the client immediately.


All major credit cards, including AMEX, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club and JCB. All major debit cards. ACH electronic payments. And popular digital wallets, including Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay and Google Pay.


TRVLR software identifies all parties and their commercial relationships, then transfers the appropriate payment share to each entity. U.S. payments take 2 business days to clear. Once cleared, hotel and commission payments are wired directly into the respective accounts.


TRVLR creates a trusted bond between client, travel agency and hotel. Step one, travel agents invite their clients. When the client signs up, the agent will see the client's wallet address on our system. Once the wallet is shared with the hotel, that property can enter the address on TRVLR and request payment for the total amount. The client will receive a notification, review their payment information, and accept. Actual payment will proceed according to the specific hotel payment rules. Once processed, the money gets divided and paid directly to the hotel and the travel agency responsible for booking.


If you have questions, we have answers.
Just drop us a line, and let us know.

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